• Hostel accommodation is provided with the understanding that the resident student will strictly abide by the Hostel Rules currently in force or as may be enforced from time to time.


  • Accommodation in the Hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The ICP Administration may refuse accommodation to any student who is known to have grossly violated the Hostel Rules or whose presence is likely to disturb the conducive environment for studies, peace and tranquility of hostel.


  • Violation of hostel rules will make the student liable to disciplinary action including permanent expulsion from the hostel. Students must remember that hostel is the home of the student on the campus and therefore, he/she should behave on the campus as well as outside in such a manner as to bring credit to him/her and to the Institution.


  • Every student must be acquainted with all the rules and regulations of the Hostel. He/she must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.

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